Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oliveros Classic Review

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper type: Sumatra
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican
Length: 7”
Ring: 50
Cost: $1.60

Appearance (0-20): Just from looks alone, I was a little apprehensive of the Oliveros Classic. While the outer Sumatra wrapper was one that had a decent tone, I could see some major veins as well as some ripples in the tobacco. Not a great way to begin. But the band itself is simple and inviting, so that’s a plus. Hmm… cant rate it too low based on the appearance, but it definitely doesn’t deserve a high score either.
Score: 12

Construction (0-20): Yikes. I felt throughout the cigar and there were some major pockets that were definitely under stuffed. Again, this didn’t give me the warm fuzzies about trying this particular blend. I clipped the end and what did I find? A lot of broken filler… wonderful. So I get beyond my issues and light it up – the burn looks like its going to consume a quarter of the cigar, its absolutely beginning to run up the side almost immediately, and the draw is awfully loose. I knew at that point that if this one didn’t have a taste that knocked my socks off, it was going to be a long dreadful cigar for me.
Score: 5

Strength (0-20): Mild. More mild than mild in fact, if there is such a thing.  I had some hints in the cigar that it could transcend into the medium range (at about the 1/3 mark of the cigar), but it failed terribly as it seemed to depart from that particular path. The cigar, throughout the burn, is mild. Nothing more, nothing less. So if you expect only mild, I guess it makes sense…
Score: 10

Flavor (0-20):.Smooth and creamy. Some nutty flavors but really it was mainly cream. Unfortunately I can’t talk to the complexity of the cigar because it wasn’t complex at all. The same boring flavor resides throughout. Still not the worst cigar I have ever had, but it’s completely uninspired and honestly is just mediocre at its absolute best.
Score: 8

Value (0-20): I had no idea the price of the stick when I picked it out of the humidor to give it a smoke – which is often typical, considering I get all kinds of mix packs and give anything a try. So finding out this one was going for about $1.60 a stick isn’t surprising. Then again, it is. So as a value proposition, I wouldn’t trade a good $8 cigar I like for 5 of these. 10 of these would still even be questionable, even if I only planned on giving them to people who know nothing about cigars.
Score: 5

Additional Notes: Paired with coffee, in my own garage. And thank god I had coffee. I fear to think about what this might have tasted like without anything on my palette.

Overall (0-100): If you feel like throwing a cigar out halfway through, its likely one of these. Thankfully I have had some other Oliveros blends, so I know they aren’t all total dogs… but this one sure was. Do yourself a favor and avoid these at all costs. Dreadful stick with an absolutely terrible experience overall. Huge thumbs down.
Score: 40

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