Friday, February 3, 2012

Fire by Indian Tabac Review

Country: Honduras
Wrapper origin: Costa Rica
Wrapper type: Costa Rica
Filler: Honduras and Nicaragua (with Connecticut broadleaf binder)
Length: 7”
Ring: 49
Cost: $2.25

Appearance (0-20): Nice dark rich tobacco leaf covers the outside of this dark beauty, but unfortunately the veins are highly noticeable. There were also some wrinkles in the tobacco along the entirety of the cigar. On the positive side, looking at the foot revealed some nice ligero. The label has nice coloration and enough flash to catch the eye without being an eyesore. It’s a Patel blend, just with the Indian Tabac label. You begin to wonder if he placed it under a different label on purpose…
Score: 13

Construction (0-20): The cigar, prelight, feels really packed at some points and like there is almost an absence of tobacco in others. So, negative points there. Clipping off the end goes just fine with little tobacco debris, but unfortunately for construction that’s the best it was going to get. After lighting the draw was awful, considering it was way too tight. For lack of better words it was “like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose”. Not that I’ve tried, but I imagine that would be a pain. Then after getting it going a bit, it burned extremely unevenly and wouldn’t keep an ash for more than a half an inch. No good sir, no good. The only thing that could have made this worse is if it unwrapped. Lo and behold, that’s just what it did toward the end.
Score: 4

Strength (0-20): The medium range is where youll begin, even though it may look, feel, and smell like it should be full right off the bat. However as the cigar progresses, it eventually will hit a more full bodied range.  
Score: 15

Flavor (0-20):.When you begin you’ll be hit with peppery punches immediately along with the vague taste of some sort of both bitterness and sweetness. I can’t put my finger on the exact taste, but I would veer toward saying it was a strong coffee with sugar type of sweet / bitter taste I was getting. Honestly the main taste throughout is the bittersweet coffee that you get in varying degrees…. Which for some reason has had pepper dumped in there. Complexity isn’t the strong point here, as you can see. It’s a favorable taste, but kind of confusing... almost as if the cigar is having an identity crisis.
Score: 13

Value (0-20): Alright for $2.25 it isn’t bad… that is if I didn’t have to fight with the damn thing to be able to draw from the cigar. Still, I have had these before and its hit or miss as to whether you are going to get one with a good draw or not.  Good draw would mean a bit better of a value; the bad draw gives you much worse. So overall I’m considering this right around the middle of the scale, since it’s a gamble at best.
Score: 12

Additional Notes: A glass of water while sitting on my deck and enjoying a good book.

Overall (0-100): Let’s be honest here folks - a terrible construction can really ruin your cigar experience. No one wants something that falls apart, is way too tight to smoke, or has tons of pockets where it runs. Well, no sane person at least. This particular cigar gets a low rating based on the fact that the construction was absolutely dreadful. If it wasn’t… lets say (for shits and giggles) that perhaps the construction had at least allowed this to be smoked without straining yourself and didn’t fall apart near the end… then it would be about 13 points higher (+9 to construction and an additional +4 added to value). But given the circumstances, I just couldn’t do it. Would I smoke another? Maybe – but if it had the same draw issue from the beginning that this one had, it would be put down immediately.
Score: 57

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