Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Indian Tabac Classic Corojo Review

Country: Honduras
Wrapper origin: Honduras
Wrapper type: Corojo
Filler / Binder: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras
Length: 4.5”
Ring: 52
Cost: $1.75

Appearance (0-20): A light corojo wrapper envelops this Indian Tabac offering and it really doesn’t look too bad at all. The band is likely the best part as it has the classic IT chief faces on it, utilizing a nice array of oranges, yellows, and black. There is nothing flashy to the band, but it gives it an authentic feel.
Score: 16

Construction (0-20): Here is where we have our first issues. Actually so much that it screams out “Danger Will Robinson!” at you. Feeling across the cigar revealed that there seemed to be some pockets that were missing the full tobacco needed. What’s worse is that it cracked along the wrapper, revealing that it was extremely thin and brittle. The cut left a lot of tobacco mess and the top of the wrapper cracked. I honestly pondered not even lighting it up at this point, but instead pieced the wrapper together as best as I possible could and trudged on.
Score: 4

Strength (0-20): While being billed as a medium bodied cigar it never came anywhere near that strength. In fact it was a solid mild bodied wonder. There was literally no point that I even thought it took a step from that realm. Very disappointing.
Score: 6

Flavor (0-20): Ugh. When I begin with a word like that I can straight out tell you that this isn’t going to be good. The flavor is, well, nonexistent. There is almost literally no flavor at all. Total dog rocket.
Score: 1

Value (0-20): I don’t want to go deep into the logistics of this decision, but you couldn’t pay me to smoke another one of these.  
Score: 1

Additional Notes: Paired with water at Cigars International.

Overall (0-100): This is by far my worst rating to date. Really, I don’t think I have ever had a worse cigar. The construction of this was awful, there was no strength… but the wretchedness of those categories is only surpassed by the flavor and value. Absolute thumbs down. Avoid this one at all costs.
Score: 28


  1. I'm glad you smoked it and not me.

    1. somebody has to do it! hopefully it helps to keep people away from an awful stick like this

  2. The cigar produces a black ash