Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mystery Cigar

This is the first mystery review that I have done. The categories are generally Appearance , Construction, Flavor, Strength, Value....I don't know what the cigar is or value, so I will just give an overall score. Once the cigar name is given to me, I will post that as well.
So, here we go..

The cigar looks solid and well kept. It appears to be a sumatra or habano wrapper, with no blemishes or veins. No band attached for obvious reasons, so no review there. As for the overall feel of the cigar, it feels nice and well packed. It seems to be about 6" x 52 ring gauge.

Prelight, the smoke felt packed well. From the smell, it gave off a spicy note that was exciting. As I smoked it, there we no issues at all as far as burn goes--even burn all the way down. The ash was grayish, with some flakes. The draw was perfect and it just billowed smoke. That's a definite plus, as I love when a cigar gives off a good amount of smoke.

I'd say this would be mild-medium and right in the middle of the two. There was nothing to knock your socks off, but I think the cigar was made to cater to the mild-medium crowd. You do get a kick from the ligero in the beginning, which I will touch on in the Flavor section.

If anyone has smoked the Punisher, you know the spice that you get on you tongue and lips---pure fire. This did not have that, but the smoke was very spicy for about the first inch--not the cigar itself, but the smoke you draw in. This could be attributed to some ligero filler that seemed to be prevalent. After about the inch mark, it moves into a woody taste with some hints of cedar. From this point onward, it was creamy down to about an inch left. The last inch was somewhat bitter, which is where I ended my smoke.


I don't think I ever smoked a cigar blind, without knowing what it was. It was actually a cool experience, as it gives you something to really think about when smoking. My personal preference is darker, maduro cigars. Overall, I'd say it was a solid smoke for someone who likes lighter cigars. I would have loved the spice from the first inch throughout the rest of the stick. I also like to have various flavors and complexities throughout, while this seemed to stick with the woody-creamy flavor from start to finish.

Overall, I'd give the cigar a 89, simply by comparing it to other cigars that I've smoked.

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