Thursday, March 1, 2012

EP Carrillo Elencos Review

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper origin: Brazil
Wrapper type: Habano
Filler / Binder: Nicaragua and Honduras
Length: 6”
Ring: 54
Cost: $12.00

Appearance (0-20): A beautiful rich habano wrapper greets you immediately, calling out for you. Trust me. It does. The EP Carrillo band with the sleek black and red is elegant in its simplicity, but has some nice hidden touches to it (such as the Carrillo area having some matting done to it). A few small veins can be found, but really, there is nothing of major note.
Score: 18

Construction (0-20): This nice 6”x54 is packed really well to the touch, and before cutting or lighting you can tell this one is going to be a good one. The Elencos cut well with virtually no debris, no cracks at all, etc. The prelight draw is perfection, holding the slightest resistance which continues throughout the entire smoking experience. It lets off rich luxurious smoke and keeps a decent evenness to the burn. The one outstanding factor was that I was able to get through over half of the cigar before the ash plummeted to earth. 3+ inches of awesome (thats what she said?).
Score: 19

Strength (0-20): This begins with full body and full flavor and doesn’t let up at all. From Carillo, that’s exactly what I was expecting and exactly what I got. When I finished the cigar (after smoking on an empty stomach) I found myself a little lightheaded. This blend was strong without being harsh.
Score: 19

Flavor (0-20): Let me begin with a wow. I will follow that with a gad zookes. And then a shazzam. This may very well be one of the most complex cigars I have ever tasted from initial light to the roach clip (no, I didn’t have a roach clip but I smoked it until it burned my fingers). This begins with a powerful cinnamon flavor that’s blended with citrus and wood. The finish is one of light pepper that seems to linger on the tongue and nostrils. As it progresses you get tastes of roasted nuts and vanilla. Some other small hints of flavor pop up (cocoa for example) and yet it never loses that extra bit of spice on the back of the tongue. Wow. The thing that’s most striking is the balance that’s struck between the spice, sweetness, and wood notes. Even more so, every flavor is very easily distinguishable.
Score: 20

Value (0-20): This is the exact kind of cigar I would readily pay $12.00 for. I actually consider that to be a bit of a bargain given how good it really is.
Score: 19

Additional Notes: Paired with coffee at Cigars International.

Overall (0-100): One of the guys at Cigars International, knowing my taste in cigars, pulled me aside and immediately said “buy this stick”. He was so adamant about it he even discounted this to $6.00 for me (it doesn’t hurt that I buy a lot of cigars there, have a locker there, etc etc). I’m glad he did. This may very well be one of my top 10 cigars that I have ever smoked. Its rich, oily, heavy, complex, well constructed, and honestly is downright tasty. From what I have read, it’s the same blend that was the #8 cigar of 2010 but with a different wrapper. There’s a damn good reason it was #8 as this cigar is phenomenal. Go to the devil’s site, and buy them while they are still going for about $7.00 a stick, because I see these going for a lot more when people start to smoke them.
Score: 95

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  1. Damn convincing review! I realize this was reviewed over a year ago but, I'm salivating.