Friday, March 30, 2012

La Aurora 107 Review

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper origin: Ecuador
Wrapper type: Habano
Filler / Binder: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Length: 4.5”
Ring: 50
Cost: $8.50

Appearance (0-20): The wrapper of the 107 has a really nice band that greets you, with the lion showing prominently. Gold and reds are the main colors that shine against the rich looking habano wrapper. The robusto size is a small one, and the outer wrapper looks very rugged. There are some small imperfections and some areas where the wrapper doesn’t feel quite flush with the rest of the cigar.
Score: 16

Construction (0-20): Not surprisingly, the small size packs what feels like the perfect amount of tobacco. It’s wrapped tightly, but has enough give to allow for a good draw. The initial cut revealed only a small amount of tobacco excess, which was expected just from the initial feel. Lighting went perfectly, helping to keep the burn extremely even. I was also very happy to say the cigar held its ash well throughout, spanning about an inch and a half each time.
Score: 18

Strength (0-20): Noted as a medium bodied cigar, this one does hit strikingly close to it. This begins as a very mild cigar, with the strength slowly building. Once you hit the halfway point, it will sit right in the middle of the medium range. Through the last half, the 107 only slightly increases.
Score: 17

Flavor (0-20): Small hints of spice greet the palette along with a slight sweetness and even a little bitterness. The flavor clashes perfectly with a charred wood flavor. As you progress, there is a distinct shift in the spices and they become more pronounced, leaving cinnamon and something close to oregano in your mouth and yet it still holds to the sweetness it had before. As you hit the homestretch of the final third, the 107 becomes more leathery, and the spice fades back from the forefront, giving away to the sweetness yet again.
Score: 18

Value (0-20): For $8.50 it’s a little on the pricey end of things, especially for a robusto. There are other cigars I would readily pick up for half of the price over this one/
Score: 14

Additional Notes: Paired with coffee at Cigars International.

Overall (0-100): This anniversary blend (107 years of production) is a good one when it comes down to the flavor alone. It billowed out smoke for me, which of course I enjoyed. The construction was solid, but the appearance could use a little work. For the price I would much rather grab something else, but admittedly my preference is for more substantially sized smokes. If you are looking for a medium bodied cigar with good flavor and about an hours worth of smoke time, give this one a shot, but do your nest to get this for less than retail to get the most bang for your buck.
Score: 83

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