Monday, March 5, 2012

Week in Review - through March 4th, 2012

Here is the week in review from Kollarism and myself over at The Cigar Broskies:

We took a look at CigarFest, and asked whether or not Cigars International is making big profits on it -

The Savinelli 2006 Special Selection scored a 90, which seems to be par for the course for Savinelli cigars -

The Man O War Ruination also scored a 90, matching the Savinelli -

The Graycliff Double Espresso was a hard hitter in its flavor, but fell a little short on its higher price -

Another Savinelli offering, the Dos Campeones Coraje, took home a respectable 87 -

Victor Sinclair’s Vintage Select, while cheaper in price, was lacking in a lot of other areas, only scoring a 62 -

Casa Magna’s offering, the Domus Magnus, was good enough to really think on buying an entire box, scoring one of the top honors of the week with a 93 -

The Garo Double Habano, a cigar that will likely fly under the radar, scored an 85 as a cheap everyday sort of cigar -

Ashton’s VSG hit a 92 rating, with solid scores all around -

The Gurkha Centurian asked if the cigar really is worth the full $30 MSRP that it has tagged to it. With a score of a 61, its safe to say it falls short -

The Obsidian, by virtue of a solid showing and reasonable price, managed an 88 -

The EP Carrillo Elencos, sporting the same blend that allowed it to be the #8 cigar of the year in 2010, took top honors of the week, scoring a whopping 95.

The dogrocket of the week award goes to the Indian Tabac Classic Corojo, which scored an abysmal 28. Terrible flavor and construction really did this one in.

Hope you all are enjoying reading. Comments, suggestions, etc are always welcome.
Happy smoking!

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