Monday, April 16, 2012

Room 101 LTD One Shot One Kill (OSOK)

Country: Honduras
Wrapper origin: Ecuador
Wrapper type: Habano
Filler: Dominican Republic and Honduras
Size: 8x60x44
Cost: $12.00

Appearance (0-20):
Lyricsninja: What catches the eye first and foremost is the artwork on the outer paper wrapper. It’s a dark grey color with what looks like tattoo etchings in the shape of a skull and other symbols. When you get beyond that, its wrapped delicately in tissue paper. But within waits a little surprise – an awesome looking figurado that is huge on one end and tapers down to a slightly shaggy foot. The habano wrapper has literally no signs of blemishes and is wrapped so well that there is almost no distinction to where one part of the wrapper twists above the next. The band is a nice black band with silver on it, making it stand out perfectly. This is the epitome of what a cigar should look like, considering even the appearance itself is a complete experience.  Score: 20/20
Kollarism: This is one badass looking wrapper.  The cigar is wrapper in tissue, followed by some artwork drawn on paper.  The artwork has various symbols, with a skull represented in the middle.  The stick is perfectly tapered from end to end, and there is a small shaggy foot.  The wrapper is a light-medium brown habano that has no physical flaws. The outer wrappings itself make you want to buy this cigar. Score: 20/20

Construction (0-20):
Lyricsninja: The cut revealed no extra debris, and my hope was that this cigar would be as well constructed as it felt. Let me tell you, it was absolutely that and then some. From first light, it was extremely even on the burn with only the slightest variation. The draw was easy enough that you didn’t have to fight, but wasn’t too airy either. When it comes to the ash, I think you would be hard pressed to find a cigar of this magnitude and shape that would hold together any better. I literally was able to get to the halfway point of the smoke, that’s 4 inches folks, before the ash fell. Ditto for the last half… two total ashes for this cigar, which is not a small feat. To add to it, the smoke lasted me a hair over 2 hours to smoke. Score: 20/20
Kollarism: This was one very well put together stick.  There was no debris upon cutting, and the draw was super smooth.  The draw was so cool and smooth, that I thought that I was only sucking air.  Only upon exhaling the smoke did I realize how great it was.  The draw does get warmer as you smoke to the halfway point, but it was quite impressive.  The ash was tight and held on for about 2 inches, which is very good for the Figurado shape.  Not only was everything solid about this stick, but it lasted just under 2 hours.. Score: 19/20

Strength (0-20):
Lyricsninja: This hit the lower end of the full strength spectrum for me, which worked very well considering the nuances throughout the smoke. It left very little to be desired. Score: 18/20
Kollarism: This one hovered between the medium and med-full category for me.  It wasn’t overpowering, but gave just enough heft.  The balance between strength and flavor was very well done. Score: 18/20

Flavor (0-20):
Lyricsninja: Complexity seems to be king in this smoke. The OSOK begins with some nice woody flavors, touched up with just a hint of pepper. It keeps those characteristics, but brings in cinnamon and other spices while keeping to a really enjoyable balance. As you progress through the stick, there are other slight flavors that tantalize the palette, adding to the experience, including an almost salty nature. The flavors all seem to remain very well and in the final half it kicks in with a flavor I can only describe as fresh herbs (think dill, sage, etc). There really isn’t a standout to be seen, but everything blends together in a nearly perfect harmony. As an additional plus, this seems to billow beautiful smoke. Score: 19/20
Kollarism: Initial puffs start off with some spicy pepper, but those quickly subside.  The spice come back on and off throughout the rest of the smoke, but much more subtle.  The strongest note that I grabbed was cedar, some bits of earthiness, and some more bits of sweetness.  The flavors were very consistent, and they lasted from start to finish.. Score: 18/20

Value (0-20):
Lyricsninja: A $12.00 retail might feel like a lot, but let me break it down. For the time it takes to smoke (2 hours), if I had to choose between two smokes at $6.00 each that would take an hour a piece or this one single OSOK, I would choose this cigar hands down. Hell, given most other cigars in the $10-$15 price range, this one would still beat almost all of them. Score: 19/20
Kollarism: I don’t often smoke cigars at retail in this price range, but I am very happy that this was purchased.  $12.00 for a great cigar that lasted 2 hours is very reasonable.  I’ve also been told that this was limited to around 10,000 sticks, which add even more value here.  After smoking this, I quickly grabbed a few more and will hold on to them. Score: 19/20

Additional Notes:
Lyricsninja: Smoked at CI with my broski.
Kollarism: Smoked at CI, paired with water.

Overall (0-100):
Lyricsninja: Let me begin by saying wow! With little knowledge of this cigar, I grabbed a couple for my brother and I to try from a small local B&M based on the packaging (see appearance does matter). I am really thankful I did. From the unwrapping of the outer layers through the end of the smoke, I was extremely impressed. Its complex, flavorful, well constructed, and all around a knockout of a choice. If you can get your hands on one of these, even in a different size, I urge you to do it. The day after smoking this, I immediately went back to the cigar shop and bought a few more to put away. This is absolutely box worthy.  Score: 96/100
Kollarism: This was one of the best cigars that I’ve reviewed in awhile.  Everything from start to finish was done well, and there was no disappointment in any category.  Room 101 did a great job with presentation, and every follows suit thereafter.  There really isn’t much more that could have been done right here. If you’re looking for a 2 hour smoke that is worth every penny, look no further. Box worthy.  Score: 94/100

 Combined Score: 95/100


  1. Alright... Where can get a couple of these?

    1. ive only been able to find a few at a small local place here. i can check with the owner to see if they expect to get anymore in if youd like.

    2. that would be awesome. thank you. anything your looking for?

    3. at the moment, nothing beyond a feral pig.

  2. Awesome dude. I picked one of these up awhile back.

    1. how did i miss this comment?! seriously a solid smoke that i have nothing but good things to say about. hopefully you find it just as enjoyable.