Thursday, May 17, 2012

Acid Blondie and Blondie Belicoso Review

Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper origin: Connecticut
Wrapper type: Connecticut Shade
Filler / Binder: Nicaragua

Blondie Length: 4”
Blondie Ring: 38
Blondie Cost: $3.60

Blondie Belicoso Length: 5”
Blondie Belicoso Ring: 54
Blondie Belicoso Cost: $5.60

I decided to change things up and rate two sizes of the same cigar. So below you will have my feelings on both cigars, along with ratings of each. Hopefully this will help to point out the reasons to snag each cigar, given the situation you find yourself in.

Appearance (0-20): Both the Blondie and the Blondie Belicoso are wrapped in a very light Connecticut Shade wrapper. Neither shows any major veins along the exterior, with some minor veins that are slightly visible. At the bottom of each cigar it looks like the wrapper has slightly flaked off. The band is a brilliant hue of blue, pointing to the type of
Acid you are getting (each color signifies a different subculture blend type). Below the initial band is a simple one that explains the name of the particular cigar. My first impression of the Blondie, personally, is it’s too small for my taste while the Belicoso is right up my alley.
Blondie Score: 16
Blondie Belicoso Score: 17

Construction (0-20): Both cigars feel equally full. The cut on both revealed a small amount of debris, but nothing that would be of concern. The Blondie outmatched the Belicoso on the draw, as the Belicoso was a little too loose overall. Both sticks kept a very straight burn, although neither was specifically outstanding with holding the ash (each ashed after about ¼ of the cigar) – that’s not to say the quality is poor, just not exemplary. The issue I found with the Blondie was it burned hot from the halfway point on, while the Belicoso remained cool throughout until the last ¼.

Blondie Score: 16
Blondie Belicoso Score: 16

Strength (0-20):  This is meant to be a light and sweet cigar, and it hits on that with no problem at all. It’s an easy smoke with little to no force behind it in terms of strength. Absolutely met expectations.
Blondie Score: 19
Blondie Belicoso Score: 19

Flavor (0-20): There is little difference in flavor between the two sizes: throughout the stick you will be finding a very powerful sweetness layered with cream and possibly some citrus undertones. From the beginning you will have the taste on your lips due to the wrapper being infused with the flavors. As you progress, there is a slight depression of the sweet sugar that mingles with a very creamy nature… and a slight citrus tone. The best I can personally describe it is it’s like smoking a very sweet orange creamsicle. The sweetness is a bit overpowering to begin, but as it fades it becomes more and more enjoyable as you inch down the cigar.
Blondie Score: 17
Blondie Belicoso Score: 17

Value (0-20): $3.60 and $5.60 aren’t steals of prices for these but they also aren’t in a rough range where they are unattainable. I believe they are pretty appropriately priced for being infused cigars.
Blondie Score: 16
Blondie Belicoso Score: 16

Additional Notes: Smoked in my garage, paired with water and some light reading (Gauntlgrym – it’s a Drizzt novel for D&D nerds out there)

Overall (0-100): Let’s be frank on this one – if flavored cigars aren’t your thing that’s alright – but this cigar isn’t for you at all. For people that do like them... this isn’t a bad buy. They are to the point of almost being overwhelmingly sweet if you aren’t expecting it from the get-go, which is something to watch out for, but they mellow through the smoke. If you prefer the sweetness to be a little more subdued, let them age for over a year or so and it will drop a bit (I’ve been experimenting with these and how long until the flavor drops, as time passes they continue to get milder in terms of sweetness). There are some minor construction issues that I was concerned about, but overall the cigars both performed well. With scores so close all I can say is it comes down to preference and time constraints. Do you like corona-esque smokes that you can finish off in under a half hour? Go for the Blondie. Do you prefer something more substantial that’s going to last you about an hour? Belicoso it is.
Blondie Score: 84
Blondie Belicoso Score: 85

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  1. Great review! My father introduced me into these not too long ago and I love them. Smoke them to the nub every time.