Monday, October 22, 2012

Black Crown Robusto Review

Country: Honduras
Wrapper origin: Ecuador
Wrapper type: Habana 2000
Filler / Binder: Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed, Honduras, Nicaragua
Size: 5” x 52
Cost: $4.60

Appearance (0-20):
Lyricsninja: A simple black and white band adorns a very nice looking Colorado colored wrapper. On the front of the band is a sketchy black crown, and the words “Black Crown” are printed on the back. The simplicity in both the design and coloration works perfectly. The wrapper itself has a decent sized vein in it, but otherwise everything is very well done. Simple, but well done.  Score: 18/20
Kollarism: The Black Crown is a new cigar to the scene, and makes it presence known.  The medium-brown wrapper has a very nice marbling in the leaf.  Physically there are no blemishes, and everything comes together well.  With the introductory smoke, the band is simple and artistic in the use of grays, whites, and blacks.  While I enjoyed the band, I still think that it needs to be catchier for a new brand.  Points off for the banding/marketing, but definitely not the cigar as a whole. Score: 16/20

Construction (0-20):
Lyricsninja: The medium sized vein along the outside gave me some worry, but the entirety of the cigar felt rather well packed. The cut revealed only a small amount of debris, and the prelight draw was nearly perfect. After lighting up, there was no time where a relight was needed, nor was there any need to touch this one up. The burn was nearly even throughout, with just some slight deviations as I progressed through.  Score: 17/20
Kollarism: The cigar itself was rolled well, and featured no soft spots.  The cap clipped off easily, leaving very little debris.  Drawing out smoke was quite easy, and gave off ample amounts of smooth gray smoke.  I was required to give a small touch up to keep it burning even, but nothing too substantial. Score: 17/20

Strength (0-20):
Lyricsninja: Medium to full, which is consistent with its billing. It began more in the medium end, eventually nearly hitting full, thought I wouldn’t say it ever gets there. If anything it’s a strong medium cigar overall. Score: 18/20
Kollarism: Medium-full is probably an accurate assessment, while I would move it closer to medium on that scale.  This is very well rounded, and quite a complex smoke when you get to its flavors. Score: 18/20

Flavor (0-20):
Lyricsninja: The Black Crown seems to shine most in the flavor area of the review. Right off the bat there’s some rich woodsy flavors mixed with a roasted nut of some sort. Background flavors dance lightly in the back and slowly come to the forefront as time goes on – earthy tastes, wine, some small amount of chocolate… and on the retrohale (especially in the second half of the cigar) is pepper. It’s really interesting to taste the progression of this stick as the transitions between flavors are nearly seamless and the combination of flavors, for lack of better words, just plain old works. Score: 19/20
Kollarism: If you want a complex smoke, look no further.  Featuring 7 different types of tobacco, you will encounter a multitude of flavors throughout the smoke.  Initially I was greeted with a blast of some spice with woody-cedar notes.  As you progress towards the second third of the cigar, you will be left amazed with the amount of flavors in this unknown cigar thus far.  There are notes a sweet cocoa, dashes of spicy pepper, rich oak and cedar, and a few other indistinguishable flavors.  Medium in strength, but full in flavor is a great combination. Score: 19/20

Value (0-20):
Lyricsninja: The top prices come from Cigars International, the kings randsom pack on, and of course cbid. But at under $5, this cigar may end up being a diamond in the rough. As the sizes progress, it goes up to around a $7 pricepoint which still wouldn’t be bad for this. For the robusto in particular, under $4.75 is well worth it.  Score: 19/20
Kollarism: Right around $4.50 for the robusto, this quickly becomes a top sub $5 cigar for me.  Similar to the Ramon Bueso Genesis, this unknown cigar will soon take off and become a well known name. Score: 19/20

Additional Notes:
Lyricsninja: Smoked at CI and paired with water.
Kollarism: Smoked outside around a campfire.

Overall (0-100):
Lyricsninja: There seems to be some mystery around this cigar and where it’s come from. For sure, it is coming out of the Raices Cubanas factory… but who is having them produce it? If you do enough searching around at trademark names, you can likely figure out who owns the “Black Crown” name. But regardless of who owns it… it’s a good choice of cigar. Currently the price sits below $5 for the robusto size, where I can attest to some interesting and rather unique flavor combinations. There were no major issues in the other areas on this cigar, and really it was just some minor qualms I pointed out earlier (slightly uneven burn, a medium sized vein, strength slightly lower than anticipated). But in spite of those small issues, I find myself wanting more of these, and will likely even pick up some in varying sizes to see how the complexity pans out in a larger (or smaller) stick.  Score: 91/100
Kollarism:  As stated before, this cigar will go from unknown to well-known very quickly.  Definitely not a knock my socks off cigar, but this is a very nice go-to smoke that will give the price-conscience a sigh of relief.  This is a great smoke that a beginner and an expert can both enjoy, and find subtle nuances.  Welcome the Black Crown to the cigar arena!  Score: 89/100

Both of us have agreed that this cigar hits right around the 90 range. Its complex and interesting for a good price and should become a known entity soon enough… give them a try before too many people get their hands on em!


  1. Damn good price for such a good cigar- nice review!

    1. agreed. its absolutely going to become a favorite in the sub $5 range.