Thursday, January 31, 2013

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper origin: Mexico
Wrapper type: Mexican San Andres Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 5.25"
Ring: 56
Cost: $7.25

Appearance (0-20): There is always something that draw me to a deep brown maduro wrapper; it almost makes you salivate.  The Mi Amor has that, and it almost incorporates a marbling complexion upon further inspection of the wrapper.  Looking at the foot, you'll notice multiple shades of tobacco filling it, all which give off great aromas.  The band as usual is very intricate, using a multitude of colors and embossing for a more lavish look.

Score: 19

Construction (0-20):  
No real issues on the pre light; wrapper comes well together with no seams, no veins are prominent, and there was no debris from clipping the cap.  The draw was excellent, and yielded very thick gray smoke.  The ash held on nice and solid, and burned cool right on down to the nub.

Score: 18

Strength (0-20): I haven't smoked a LADC in quite some time, and this little guy packs a punch.  I really didn't notice it during most of the smoke, but closer to the end the strength hit me.  I would say its very close to full strength, complimented with full flavor.

Score: 18

Flavor (0-20):  What an excellent cigar.  The cocoa sweetness was the overwhelming flavor throughout.  It's almost like a dessert smoke due to its richness.  There are some other undertones of woods and earth, with some type of fruity sweetness sprinkled in.  I personally thought the blend was very well done, and am quite anxious to see how the Mi Amor Reserve compares to it.

Score: 19

Value (0-20): While $7.25 is a fair price for the smoke, it wasn't a "go buy a box" price for me.  If the prices are similar in a larger vitola, then it might be creeping closer to box territory.

Score: 17

Additional Notes: Smoked at Cigars International

Overall (0-100):  Every time that I smoke one of these, I am definitely satisfied.  The flavors meld well together, and I've only had positive experiences with it.  While not super complex overall, the flavors that are present are full and robust. A fine, quality cigar!

Score: 91

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