Thursday, May 30, 2013

Help the Chicagoland Cigar Company Contest / Raffle

Help the Chicagoland Cigar Company Contest / Raffle
With 34 days left on clock for Chicagoland Cigar Company, we at The Cigar Broskies wanted to throw out a little bit of a contest / raffle to try and help them out. We have already contributed with some cash, but we want others to do the same to help get them off the ground. They are less than $1000 from their goal and we would like to help them reach it. So here’s the deal, you gain entries for contributing monetarily to their campaign. If you don’t have the means to chip in a few bucks [or even if you do], you can still get in on the raffle by posting something on Facebook or Twitter encouraging people to check it out.
If you want to know more about their story, check the posts out here on Indiegogo and / or our write-up here and of course there is a really nice post from SecretAgentMang.
The entry breakdown:
With two different ways to enter the contest, we decided the best route would be to use a rafflecopter giveaway for those who are trying to spread the word. See below in this post...
For those of you who are contributing monetarily (or who have already contributed to the campaign), you should receive a thank you email from Indiegogo that confirms your support. The email will look like this. Either forward that email on or take an edited screenshot and send it to with the info. Each dollar contributed will grant you one entry into the prize raffle.
So what’s the prize?
Two prizes actually. One prize will go out to the rafflecopter winner, and one to the monetary winner. The monetary prize winner will be be chosen at random using a random number generator. Each prize will be a pack of 10 cigars of our choosing. You can expect some delicious stuff in there. No Ron Mexicos in there, we promise.
The fine print:
This print is fine. And when we say fine, we mean fine. So fine that uh... well. Yeah. That. Winning one raffle doesnt stop you from winning the other, so feel free to enter both! This contest is open to everyone, 18 and older of course. The contest ends when the campaign ends. Lets help Jim, a member of our /r/cigars community, reach his goal!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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