Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Emilio Cigars announces agreement with Cigar Federation

Gary Griffith of Delaware Cigars and House of Emilio, announces an official online cigar store for the House of Emilio brands.
Cigar Federation already serves as the online store for our 27 Delaware Cigars retail locations. If we were going to have an “officially endorsed” online home for these special brands, this was the place.” noted Griffith.

House of Emilio currently distributes 9 boutique brands: Ezra ZionRodrigo CigarsNomad Cigars1502 CigarsGuayacanEpicurean CigarsHerederos de RobainaBodega Cigars, and Griffith’s own Emilio Cigars.
Cigar Federation is owned by Kyle Hoover and Chris Kelly of Ezra Zion Cigar Company. The site is managed by Logan Lawler and Rob Rasmussen.
“Being in the House of Emilio family as one of the distributed brands, we are honored to serve our brothers and represent their cigars well.” said Kelly.
“The notoriety around these cigars has caused a groundswell of demand around the country. We are inundated everyday with calls, emails and Twitter DMs from folks who want to get their hands on them but may not have a retailer that has them within a 5 state radius.” noted Hoover.
“I don’t want any of our brick and mortar retailers to worry about competition. I’m a B&M retailer just like them. These cigars are price protected just like they were sitting on a shelf in any of my 27 retail locations. Our goal is to make these available to those who don’t have shop close by that carries them just yet.” added Griffith.
To purchase all the House of Emilio cigars online, please visit the Cigar Federation Store.

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