Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Romeo y Julieta House of Montague

Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Brazil
Filler / Binder: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Length: 6”
Ring: 52
Cost: $5.76

Appearance (0-20): 
Lyricsninja: The initial outer appearance of the cigar is one that to some extent, follows the normal Romeo y Julieta look. Its standard to see the same sorts of colors on the band that are normally identifiable to Romeo, but it veers off slightly with the embossed paper on the bottom portion, depicting the House of Montague crest. It’s honestly a nice touch and a bit of flash from a traditionally less than flashy brand. Peel back the paper and it reveals a nice oily and rustic looking stick. Score: 19/20
Kollarism: At first glance, this is a nice looking stick.  The Romeo y Julieta Monatgue sports a beautiful dark brown wrapper, along with some flashiness on its band offerings.  The classic band sits up top, with another band around the foot, and a neat embossed tissue type paper in the middle.  Pulling off this paper, there is some great artwork that gives some additional flair that might grab someone’s attention to pick up this cigar. Score: 18/20

Construction (0-20): 
Lyricsninja: The House of Montague is a firm and well packed cigar that end to end feels consistent. There are some small areas along the wrapper that are slightly elevated or contain small cracks, but nothing worth really going into. The foot shows much of the same that can be deduced throughout – it’s well packed. A quick snip to the end and there was literally no debris at all to worry about, complimented by a drawl that was nearly perfect, thought was just a tad too loose for the majority of the smoke. The burn was relatively straight, and the ash held for a good amount of time. Score: 18/20
Kollarism: The overall construction was solid.  The draw was absolutely perfect, and the Montague even burned slowly with this strong draw.  The ash coiled nicely, with hints of white and gray throughout.  There were some bits of flakiness that would fall off occasionally, but overall this was a well put together cigar.  No soft spots, bad veins, or any other obstructions. Score: 18/20

Strength (0-20): 
Lyricsninja: This is listed as being a medium smoke, but personally I found that it varied a little bit more than I expected. It began on the higher end of the medium scale, closer to full, backed off to a solid medium, and eventually faded further.   Score: 17/20
Kollarism: This one probably sat right in the center of the scale at medium.  The best part of this smoke was the flavor and value. Score: 16/20

Flavor (0-20): 
Lyricsninja: The initial light gives a really nice rich tobacco flavor. That flavoring is supplemented by a deep cedar push and just the slightest bit of sweetness. As you progress down through, there is a bit of a creamy nature that makes it smooth, along with some chocolate and pepper. The flavors pretty much remain consistent for the majority of the smoke with the tobacco carrying the bulk of the flavor, with cedar undertones. Not the most complex smoke in the world, but still very solid.   Score: 16/20
Kollarism: While the full smoking experience wasn’t super complex, I really did enjoy the flavors throughout.  The smoke starts off with a quick hit of spice, which subsides and moves into a rich chewy experience.  I had trouble picking out distinct flavors, but I would push this towards are rich chocolate and meaty experience.  Once you move into the heart of the smoke, there is a good bit of spice with a balance of sweetness.   The flavors were strong and pleasant from start to finish, which made me want to find out more about the Montague. Score: 18/20

Value (0-20): 
Lyricsninja: The value proposition on this one is actually pretty important. There is a really nice balance in the flavor, strength, etc – and with a selling price under $6, it’s a nice purchase. As per the usual, the price gets driven down pretty quickly if you pick up a box, right now hitting as low as $4.75 per stick.   Score: 19/20
Kollarism: During the middle of smoking this, I looked up some information about it.  The price for this is much lower than I thought. Sitting at around $5 from Famous Smoke Shop, this is a great value.  Purchasing a 5-pack or box subsidizes this price down even further, and is definitely a great value smoke in my opinion. Score: 19/20

Additional Notes: Smoked at Cigars International but the cigars were provided by Famous Smoke Shop.

Overall (0-100):  
Lyricsninja: Over the past couple of years, it seems that Romeo Y Julieta has been attempting to build themselves a newer identity, which is seen through the way they have been presenting their cigars. At the same time, their construction remains a constant, which is really nice to see. For me the only miss at all is that it’s not as complex as I would have hoped, but the flavor is still really solid, especially when considering the overall price. I actually teetered back and forth on this, as to if the flavor deserved an extra point, but I feel it falls just outside of the 90 range overall. That being said, it still has a rich flavor and at that price, I would still put this in the “definitely pick a few up” category.   Score: 89/100
Kollarism: Wrapping everything together, I think Romeo y Julieta really did a great job on this. I’ve read some reviews about it, and as always, there are opinions on both sides of the fence.  For the price, this cigar gives you a strong flavor experience that can be compared to some other $8-10 smokes. I would strongly suggest picking up a 5pack, like we did from Famous Smoke Shop. Score: 90/100

Combined Score: 90/100
The final word: Although the values between us varied slightly, we both came to roughly the same conclusion – this stick is well presented, constructed, and priced. The flavor is good, though not great… but if you are looking for something straightforward, that is roughly a medium strength cigar, it will fall directly into your wheelhouse. It’s a good buy for the price, and we both plan on picking up some extras ourselves! As a note, you can pick these up exclusively at Famous. Enjoy!