Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Epicurean Carnavale

Wrapper origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper type: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
Filler: Nicaraguan
Length: 5"
Ring: 56
Cost: $9.50

Appearance (0-20)This is a great looking cigar. I would be somewhat bias here, but two of my favorite features of a great looking cigar are the box-press and dark colored wrapper. This one carries both of those features, along with an quirky band. The Carnavale band features a colorful masquerade, mardi gras look to it. The cigar itself sports a dark brown wrapper.

Score: 19

Construction (0-20): 
The pre-light construction is solid upon inspection. There are no obvious veins in the wrapper, the cigar is wrapped flawlessly, and the shape is a perfect box-press. During the smoke, there were no obstructions to take away from the overall experience.

Score: 18

Strength (0-20): Somewhat mellow, this was right around an exact medium in terms of strength.

Score: 17

Flavor (0-20): While not a powerful spoke, the flavor profile was quite enjoyable. From the very beginning, the most prominent flavors that came through were dried fruit and nuts, cherries, and some vanilla-like tones. There was no inherent spice, and was more of a rich and creamy profile. I would mention that if smoked too fast, the flavors seem to get bitter fast. Aside from that, this was a very well done cigar.

Score: 18

Value (0-20): In the $9 range, that seems to be a tad high in my book. I believe that in this cigar age, we are somewhat spoiled by the sheer amount of quality cigars that are out there.

Score: 17

Additional Notes: Provided by Emilio Cigars

Overall (0-100): The Carnavale does everything well, and only falls somewhat short for me in the pricing. Unfortunately, there are so many excellent sub $8 cigars out there, I need something to really wow me getting close to the $10 range. Value is definitely a category that is very subjective and dependent on frequency of smoking and disposable income.

Score: 89

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