Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Garo Adamas

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Habano 2000 Ecuador
Filler / Binder: Habana and Corillo 98
Length: 5.5”
Ring: 64
Cost: ???

Background:  As we noted in a previous post, Garo has worked hard to bring a fresh and new splash by rebranding themselves. They have always had solid cigars, but were a step behind on the marketing and appearance. These particular offerings from Garo showcase the new face of their company.

Appearance (0-20):  The Habano wrapper on the outside looks pretty good, though there are a couple of small ridges in it. It’s got a decently silky exterior with no discoloration in any areas. The banding is revamped from the original to give a new image to Garo Cigars. The band is simple and sophisticated enough that it can provide a backbone to the future offerings and won’t turn off perspective buyers. This one is green banded with a copper embossed logo, surrounded by the fleur-de-lis.
Score: 16

Construction (0-20): The small imperfection along the wrapper speaks to the construction but it is by no means the final say in the making of the Garo Adamas. This thing is an absolute monster with a size of 5.5x64. A nice double cap with only little debris was a positive note. This one felt well packed overall and would be seen during the smoking process. No relights were needed and the burn was extremely sharp, with the ash holding on for a long long time.
Score: 19

Strength (0-20): Mild to medium in strength, it’s about right where it sits. At the most it tips into the lowest end of the medium profile.
Score: 17

Flavor (0-20): The first light dropped a nutty flavor across almost immediately. There were some notes of light spice and coffee, giving it a nice and light flavor profile. Moving further along, there were some tobacco flavors that gave way to mocha and some floral notes, though the bitter coffee flavor continued also, increasing in intensity. The final bit saw the bitterness fade and fall back toward a simply nutty flavor again with small variations on the background.
Score: 16

Value (0-20): It’s tough when you don’t have the pricing to give a fair review of the value, but I can confidently say if this fell in the $6-8 range, it would be something I would pick up on occasion. It’s a pretty big smoke at 5.5x64 and can contend well with others at that pricepoint. Given that my guess on the pricing is right
Score: 17
Additional Notes: Paired with water at Cigars International. Cigars provided by Garo Cigars.

Overall (0-100):  Just like the posting on the Garo Maduro Especial, the looks of this cigar really do give it an initial leg up. Again, a minor construction issue brings up questions but this one turned out to be really well put together. The strength was more in the mild spectrum than anything, which really isn’t my cup of tea per say. However it is mammoth stick for sure, so if you enjoy something mild it’s a lot of cigar to smoke. The flavors are light and include light pepper, coffee, tobacco notes, mocha, and coffee. There are a number of variations of those but all in all its not super complex – but it is a pleasing flavor with decent transitions.The only real variance we have is the value question, which could shift the review up or down a few points. Depending on the price – this could easily be a “yes buy it right away”, or a “give it a try if you are a mild fan…”

Score: 85

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