Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kentucky Fire Cured Hogs Tooth

Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas
Filler / Binder: Nicaragua and Brazilian
Length: 6
Ring: 46
Cost: $6.80

Background:  The Kentucky Fire Cured line, specifically as an extension of the MUWAT brand, is an interesting concept. The leaves that are part of the blending process that are normally air cured were instead…. You guessed it – fire cured. It brings a nice smoky flavor along for the ride to mix in with all of the other nuances.

As time has progressed, Drew Estate has released exclusive lines to a small collection of stores. This one in particular is exclusive to Famous Smoke Shop.

Appearance (0-20):  A simple light brown band (that honestly reminds me of a paper bag color) wraps around this stick. In black lettering it proclaims this as a “Genuine MUWAT” with the centerpiece calling out the “Kentucky Fire Cured” nature of the stick. The outer wrapper has a rugged kind of look to it with some noticeable ridges and veins. Bear in mind that this one is being given a little benefit of the doubt as I believe their entire image is being carved around the idea of it being a rustic cigar.
Score: 17

Construction (0-20): From the initial look there weren’t too many concerns about how this one was rolled. Initial cut left me with a small amount of tobacco debris and the prelit draw was on point. Post lighting the draw remained perfect, albeit with a slightly uneven burn.
Score: 16

Strength (0-20): Famous lists this stick sitting at the medium strength range, though personally I think it only reaches that in the broadest of strokes. It’s more apt to say it’s on the higher end of the low spectrum, or maybe the low end of medium.
Score: 13

Flavor (0-20): This was a rather straightforward smoke. While it has some of the elements you would expect – earthiness, smokiness (flavorwise) and some nuts and earth… there isn’t too much beyond it. It definitely blends those flavors well and isn’t overpowering from the smoke perspective. But it felt… lacking.
Score: 12

Value (0-20):  $6.80…. don’t see this one as a value player since it’s more a niche kind of cigar. Not bad, but not great either.
Score: 14

Additional Notes: Paired with water. Provided by Famous Smoke Shop.

Overall (0-100): Now don’t jump on the bandwagon claiming that I didn’t score this one well because I don’t like cigars that deviate from whatever norm you place on cigars. The truth is I personally think this one falls short of where it should be. Curing the tobacco via smoking brings a really cool and innovative element to the whole process and to the smoking experience. But it kind of lacks in complexity and strength, which pulls down the potential value that you can place upon it. As noted, the earthy, nutty, and woodsy flavors are nice… but just don’t have the wow factor that I was looking for. It’s not a “bad” cigar per say. It’s just not quite executed very well.

So here comes the real questions – is it unique? Yes… it’s got that in spades. Is it something you should try once? Yes. It’s definitely one that should be experienced because it does differ so much from the other things on the market. Most importantly – does the blend change over time? Time will tell here. In a month or two, I may say, “damn, that’s a good cigar…. What was I thinking?”, or I may not. We shall see (since I’m totally saving one to give a whirl at a later time)!

Score: 72

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