Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blessed Leaf THEOPHANY Now Available!

From Ezra Zion Cigars:

This project began when we stumbled upon the most gorgeous and fragrant Corojo wrapper ever. We knew it was something special and had to be blended as such. No normal filler would do!
After calling in a few favors, we procured the "dream" tobaccos worthy of this project. Literally, the filler tobacco is so old in this cigar that you can taste the age! It's phenomenal!
Flavors begin with a bold leather wave across the palate. Blasts of vanilla, white pepper, and caramel give way to a luscious creamy finish. Elegantly full-bodied, strength through the retrohale is strong--but silky from the mature vintage Ligeros. 
As the cigar progresses, notes of cocoa powder, walnuts, and marshmallow begin to emerge. The final third introduces a beautiful red pepper spice, dark chocolate bar, cedar and whipped cream. 
Theophany is a decadent and luxurious smoking experience. We think it's gonna take the top spot in your humidor!

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