Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rocky Patel American Market

Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade Ecuadorian
Filler / Binder: Honduras and Nicaragua
Length: 5.5
Ring: 50
Cost: 5.00

Background: If you have been anywhere around cigars in the past 15 years or so, you would be hard pressed not to hear the name “Rocky Patel”. He has been a stalwart in the industry for a long time and his name really is out there. Take for instance the recent April Fool’s joke that he ran with Famous Smoke Shop

He has a loyal following for sure, though we have had some mixed results. Some were definitely hits, like the Vintage 1990 or the Decade. Some we saw as misses, like the Sun Grown, Ocean Club, and the Vintage 2003 Cameroon. And some sat in the middle of those extremes, like the Edge Maduro or the Nicaraguan. So where will this one fall in the grand scheme of things? We are hoping for the home run of course…

Appearance (0-20):  Let’s get right to the point on this – it isn’t the prettiest stick I have ever seen. The light wrapper on the American Market shows a number of small blemishes and imperfections that make me a little wary off the bat. There’s nothing really to scoff at with the bands – simple black and gold adorn the cigar, sporting the title line of “Rocky Patel American Market”.
Score: 13

Construction (0-20): For the most part, the stick feels pretty solid. There is a small gap at one point most of the way into the cigar, but otherwise it’s pretty standard. The initial cut only revealed a small amount of debris, and the prelit draw was just a slight bit loose for my liking. Thankfully, post lighting the cigar retained its resistance and didn’t get any looser.
Score: 16

Strength (0-20): This Patel is listed as a mild strength and it absolutely hits the nail right on the head – it’s mild through and through.
Score: 20

Flavor (0-20): The flavors of this are pretty consistent throughout the entire stick, and doesn’t really get too complex. The baseline of it is earthy with a bit of toast. From time to time there are hints of cedar that intermingle rather well, with a small bite of pepper on the retrohale.
Score: 14

Value (0-20):  A mild cigar, at $5.00 price point, seems to fit this one right.
Score: 17

Additional Notes: Paired with water. Cigar provided by Famous Smoke Shop.

Overall (0-100): So the question we needed to answer is where this one would it fall in terms of comparisons to other Rocky Patel offerings. To be honest, it falls in the middling phase where it isn’t bad but it also isn’t great.

The price of the cigar, at a mere $5, is one that people will be happy to pick up and try. And for those out there that stick in the mild realm, the American Market will satisfy that need. While the appearance may give people some pause, the actual flavor behind it is solid enough to put this into the category of being a decent value buy. Earth, cedar, toast, and some pepper will play across the palate – but it wont get much more complex than that.

Personally I veer toward things with more strength and complexity, but this one is a decent smoke for when you want to just relax and enjoy something easygoing. But Famous Smoke Shop has a decent, low price exclusive on their hands. It will definitely go well for a Sunday morning sort of cigar, along with a nice cup of coffee.

Score: 80

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