Saturday, December 10, 2016

Diesel Heart of Darkness review

Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Eduador Habano, Oscuro
Filler / Binder: Nicaragua
Length: 6
Ring: 58
Cost: $7.25

Background: Again I have to give a thank you to Cigars on this cigar. It found its way to my mailbox, by their recommendation, and they were spot on with my normal tastes. It’s another in the line of AJ Fernandez offerings, who is one of my favorite blenders, and specifically is one of the Diesel line. Each of the Diesel cigars has been interesting, and this one specifically is billed as being strong, dark, and rich.

Appearance (0-20):  Following most of the Diesel tradition, the standard script is on the top band with Heart of Darkness along the bottom band. Both bands are in matte black and grey, with a matte gold script on the lower band. The wrapper of the cigar has a nice rich brown color, like that of a dark chocolate. The wrap looks well done and there are no noticeable veins or imperfections.
Score: 18

Construction (0-20): Diesel has made a name for itself in terms of consistency. This one feels solid to the touch and silky. The initial cut was completely clean of debris and the prelit draw was slightly tight. Post lighting it stayed tight through the first third, but loosened up properly. The ash held for about two inches at a time, though the burn line didn’t always stay completely sharp. No touch ups at all needed.
Score: 18

Strength (0-20): Full strength? The answer to that simple question is a resounding YES.
Score: 20

Flavor (0-20): Lighting this one up gave me a bitter and harsh taste. Not a good start. But the roughness evened off within a few puffs and transitioned to a very bitter espresso with hints of wood. The retrohale added a heavy black pepper spice to the palate. The flavor remained relatively steady with some additional weavings of leather, a slight bit of salted caramel, and earthiness. However, the rich espresso with wood and pepper was the real star of the show.
Score: 17

Value (0-20): $7.25 per stick puts this into the realm of a lot of other solid smokes. But its honestly a fair price given the quality of this stick.
Score: 17

Additional Notes: Paired with water, provided by Cigars

Overall (0-100): So this limited line from Diesel definitely lives up to its name – the Heart of Darkness. It’s dark, rich, and packs quite a punch. If you like cigars that are on the heavier end of things, this one will be right up your alley. However, I will warn you straight out that this one is bitter and peppery (even though it’s pretty well balanced overall). AJ Fernandez once again did a great job, and at $7.25 it’s in the correct price range for the power you’re getting. A thank you goes out again to Cigars for dropping this one to me.

Score: 90

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