Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Famous Smoke Shop releases the Cigar Smoker's Rights Hub

Over the years, the smoking industry has faced various forms of adversity. Smoking has been banned from restaurants that meet certain financial guidelines, been taxed more heavily, had additional warnings placed on their products, etc. It is even to the point where employers can deny someone employment if they use a tobacco based product in any way.

As both a cigar smoker and a part of the review community, I feel its necessary to pass on resources so others who are passionate about our trade can equip themselves with the knowledge of what is happening in the industry. Sooooo - here it is. Famous Smoke shop recently published a Cigar Smoker’s Rights Hub. 

Per Famous - "The hub is an interactive tool that takes a deep dive into all things related to cigar smoker rights and legislation. We have exhausted our research and industry knowledge to bring you the best and most important news regarding recent FDA changes, consumer impact and what the future of cigars may look like.

You can check the guide out here: http://fda.famous-smoke.com/  "

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