Q. What is the criteria you will use to judge a cigar's rating?

A: Below is our own little criteria...

Appearance (0-20): The appearance of any type of goods can adversely affect a buyer’s choices. As such, it’s only fair to give ratings based on that. Does the cigar have large veins all over the wrapper or is it smooth? Is it a unique shape? Are there any marks or blemishes on it? Does the wrapper’s design intrigue you or completely turn you off?

Construction (0-20): Another integral part of the cigar experience, as a shoddily made cigar can adversely affect the smoking experience. Is the cigar packed well or are there pockets where it isn’t? Did it run on you when you were smoking it? Did it pit out? Was the draw too tough or not tough enough?

Strength (0-20): This is kind of a subjective category, but it’s important none the less. Someone wanting and expecting a strong cigar that gets a little weenie whistle is going to be disappointed. Conversely someone wanting something light and fluffy that gets hit with an atomic bomb isn’t going to be happy either. So this one is about managing your expectation versus what you actually got.

Flavor (0-20): One of the major cornerstones of why we all enjoy the smokes that we do is the infamous flavor profile. Do you get the delicious tones and undertones that cause some enjoyment, or the bitter taste of defeat (and a crappy cigar!)? Is it layered with complexity or completely one dimensional? How does the flavor profile change?

Value (0-20): In the economy that we live in, sometimes the price is just as important as any of the other attributes. Sure a $15 stick might taste great… but is it that much better than your normal go-to stick that’s around the $5 range? Is there a price you would feel is more appropriate, perhaps say $12 instead of $15?

Additional Notes: The additional notes on the review will be anything that may have affected our review of the cigar, whether that is in a positive or a negative direction. Drink pairing that evening, how long we have been aging the cigar, perhaps even the venue if we feel it's necessary!

Overall Rating / Thoughts (0-100): The overall rating will of course be based on the evaluation criteria above… and will be accompanied by any additional observations we may have on the stick.